Clothing Exchange Stores Vs Regular Clothing Retail Store

5 Advantages to Opening Your Own Clothing Exchange Store


  1. More people are on a budget mixed with the increase in demand for vintage fashions.
  2. Opening a second hand store is cheaper than a traditional clothing store because the business model for acquiring inventory is very different and cost effective.
  3. The people that sell their clothes to you will also become your loyal customers and spend extra money on top of the money they earn from the exchange.
  4. You can have a lot of fun events such as fashion shows and clothing drives for the clothes you can’t sell.
  5. It’s fun! you get to stay in tune with what is selling locally and pick and choose the styles your store will offer. You can do all types such as:
  • Kids Clothes
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Vintage Clothes
  • Retro Clothes
  • Teens Clothes
  • Business Casual Clothes



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