5 Halloween Costume Trends for Women 2015

With Halloween 2015 just over a week away you may be feeling under the gun if you’ve yet to decide on a costume for this year’s celebrations. Luckily for you piecing together your costume at your local exchange or thrift shop is a fantastic way to make sure you’re the one with the costume everyone is talking about come November 1st. This is the first of a two part series that will serve as the perfect inspiration when you’re shopping for your costume this year.

Halloween 2015

It seems like every costume available for women today is a “slutty” something or other and it can be difficult for women to find something to stand out in that isn’t overtly sexual. If you seem to be finding yourself in this situation with pre-packaged costumes luckily for you your local exchange store or thrift shop can provide you with a fantastic costume that should also save you some cash.

With that in mind here are a five costume ideas you might be interested in:

1) Any female Star Wars character

With the release of the final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and ticket presales on Monday night Star Wars has taken the world by storm once again making now the perfect time to capitalize on the fever with your costume. Boasting some of the most iconic female characters of all time in it’s cannon and a renewed dedication to female characters with the upcoming films your choices won’t be slim. From Princess Leia, to Padmé Amidala, to Ahsoka Tano, to Rey or Captain Phasma from the Force Awakens your choices are as endless as the Star Wars saga itself.

Halloween Costumes for Women 2015 Star Wars

Source: amazon.com & buycostumes.com

2) #TheDress

Just like Star Wars is right now the dress took the internet by storm earlier this year, just like you will at your party if you choose to rock the dress as your costume. Is it black and blue or white and gold, I don’t know. You tell us. Just don’t blame us when your party turns into the next presidential debate.

Halloween Costumes for Women 2015 The Dress

Source: hypable.com

3) Katy Perry and Left Shark

One last internet phenomenon for this year’s list is Katy Perry and her unique Super Bowl backup dancer Left Shark. Perfect for a group costume or a solo outing with props this costume will be sure to make you stand out at your party. And maybe even allow you your own slice of internet fame after you wow the party with your left shark inspired dance moves.

FILE - In this Feb. 1, 2015, file photo, singer Katy Perry performs during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl XLIX football game in Glendale, Ariz. The dancing sharks that stole some of the spotlight during Perry's Super Bowl halftime show have taken a bite out of an artist's bid to sell small figurines of them. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

Source: pagesix.com

4) Cookie from Empire

Empire became a cultural phenomenon in it’s own right when it debuted on Fox last year, all while introducing even more strong female characters to the pop culture lexicon. Cookie portrayed on the show by Taraji P Henson is at the top of that list and her flamboyant wardrobe will certainly help you steal the scene at your party.

Halloween Costumes for Women 2015 Cookie

Source: empire.wikia.com

5) Joy from Inside Out

Hands down one of the standout movies of 2015 is Pixar’s newest classic, Inside Out. And one of the main reasons why was the depictions of emotions as characters. With both male and female emotions this is another option that would make for a great group costume or you can do one yourself by showing everyone at your party how joyful you are to be there.

Halloween Costumes for Women 2015 Joy

Source: pinterest.com

Do you have any other great costume ideas? Leave a comment below! And be sure to have a fun and safe Halloween!

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