What to Wear to a Holiday Party for Men

The Holidays are a time for a celebration as evidenced by all the partying we seem to do when they come around every year. The office Holiday party, the party with friends, the annual family celebration, the ugly sweater party, with so many parties and so little time, things are bound to get a little complicated. The more complicated the situation, the more questions that are bound to come up and the one we all have when it comes to Holiday parties is: what in the world am I going to wear? And unfortunately often times the answer isn’t as simple as putting on your party pants.

The issues facing men are a whole different ballgame than the issues facing women when it comes to what to wear to a Holiday party however. For examples it’s normally perfectly acceptable for men to wear variations of the same outfit all the time, the issue is that there aren’t enough festive variations that don’t reduce your outfit to equivalent of an overplayed ugly sweater or Clark Griswold’s house from the film Christmas Vacation.

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With that in mind this piece will be the conclusion to the two part series providing inspiration for both men and women on what to wear to Holiday parties this year. Here’s 5 perfect outfits you can rock at your Holiday parties this year:

1) The Casual Party Outfit

If the party is gonna be a laid back affair a casual outfit like this will enable you still look good while fitting right in with the rest of the crowd. After all the party will be all the more enjoyable when you’re looking good and feeling comfortable all at the same time. Pairing a stylish blazer, with a plaid shirt, flannel pants, and a nice pair of loafers is a great way to ensure you accomplish both of those goals.

Holiday Party Men's Casual

Source: esquire.com

2) Cocktail Attire

Whether it’s an office party or just a formal family gathering there’s always the one Holiday party where you’ve got to be a little more dressed up than you are on a regular basis. For this occasion a stylish suit fits all the requirements on the checklist perfectly and will be sure to impress your boss or the family member that you need to convince you’re doing well even though you’re not dating someone at the moment.

Holiday Party Men's Cocktail

Source: esquire.com

3) The Cardigan

2014 was a good year for cardigans. they’re back and in a big way. These aren’t your Grandpa’s cardigans anymore. If you feel like a blazer would be too much and it’s too warm for a full on sweater than a cardigan is your best bet. You can perfectly capture the festive feeling in the air by pairing a plaid shirt warm colored cardigan.

Holiday Party Men's Cardigan

Source: writingbareback.wordpress.com

4) Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Plaid is in and it’s the perfect piece for you to wear to capture the laid back spirit of the night. A darker colored plaid will perfectly capture the spirit of a winter night while still appearing quite festive and might even go a long way toward impressing the cute girl by the punch bowl.

Holiday Party Men's Plaid

Source: menshealth.com

5) The New Year’s Eve Black Tie

It’s the last day of the year so why not go all out. Look your absolute best to usher in that new year and you’ll definitely make a splash with the crowd and also look good enough to score a kiss at midnight as well.

Holiday Party Men's Black Tie

Source: esquire.com

Do you have any ideas for styles men could wear to a Holiday party? Leave a comment below!

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