What to Wear to a Holiday Party for Women

The Holidays are a time for a celebration as evidenced by all the partying we seem to do when they come around every year. The office Holiday party, the party with friends, the annual family celebration, the ugly sweater party, with so many parties and so little time, things are bound to get a little complicated. The more complicated the situation, the more questions that are bound to come up and the one we all have when it comes to Holiday parties is: what in the world am I going to wear? And unfortunately often times the answer isn’t as simple as putting on your party pants.

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This is the first in a two part series identifying what both men and women should wear to look their best at Holiday parties this season.

With that in mind here are 5 perfect outfits for women to wear at their many festive gatherings this Holiday season:

1) The Dress

Wise women know that context is paramount when coming to a conclusion on what to wear. For the most part tight, black, and sparkly seem to be the theme most women opt for when it comes to Holiday party dresses, but that formula is a little played out by this point. Consider  changing it up and wearing something that pops, like winter white. Be strategic with your sparkles too, think metallic jewelry or an embellished handbag to achieve the desired effect of glistening snow fall.

Holiday Party Dress

Source: dailyworth.com

2) Tuxedo Pants

A great option for your office Holiday party, tuxedo pants are a perfect way to stand out from the typical corporate uniform of black slacks. The look significantly better when paired with heels so wear whatever height is comfortable for you and try to avoid flats at all costs. Top the ensemble off with silk or satin blouse with a bit of sheen to give the outfit life.

Holiday Party Tuxedo Pants

Source: dailyworth.com

3) The Non-Ugly Sweater + Skirt combo

In most instances a balance between cocktail attire and business attire is perfect for a Holiday party and a sweater/skirt combo can be like hitting a bullseye. A silk taffeta skirt looks appealing and is a major upgrade from your everyday fabrics and a leather skirt paired with a fitted cashmere sweater is a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Tuck it in or pull it over the skirt and belt to accentuate your waist.

Holiday Party Sweater Skirt

Source: dailyworth.com

4) Festive Patterned Pants with a Blazer

Most people don’t get the chance to wear crazy patterned pants on a regular basis or even pretty much ever at all for that matter. Every rule has an exception however and the Holidays are the exception for patterned pants. Ideally you’ll want to choose a high end fabric with a geometric or classic print. Paisley or diamonds often go well with the Holiday theme. Whatever pattern you end up choosing however be sure to keep the rest of the outfit minimalist, a solid colored blazer creates the perfect balance to the patterned pants.

Holiday Party Blazer

Source: dailyworth.com

5) Be Bold

There’s no better way to make sure you stand out at a party than to go with a bold fashion choice. Plaid makes for a great Holiday print, so why not try out a festive plaid blazer or make an even bolder choice and go with plaid pants. Or a velvet dress can exude the elegance on a winter queen and when in doubt go for the sequins to give a dress or skirt that little something extra.

Holiday Party Bold

Source: dailyworth.com

Do you have any other ideas for outfits that would be perfect at this years Holiday parties? Leave a comment below!

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