7 Ways to Acquire More Customers via Social Media for the Holidays

The Holiday season will officially be upon us before you know it and the shoppers will be rolling in to capitalize on the deals and get their shopping done in time for all of their celebrations. With only a handful of days left until Black Friday and a reported 15.5 percent increase in online business at stake, retailers need to take advantage of every tool at their disposal, especially social media.

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Social media alone can help broaden the reach of your store, raise awareness for your sales and promotional efforts, help your overall sales numbers, and does all this at minimal to no expense to your business.

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With that in mind here’s 7 ways for you to acquire more customers via social media for the Holidays:


1) Give Your Content Visual Appeal

One of the biggest trends in the social media landscape at the moment is visual content. Whether it’s pictures, graphics, gifs, or infographics everything you post should include a visual element. This content will add some visual spice to all your holiday posts.

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2) Use Specific Holiday Themed Graphics

An easy and surefire way to put your customers in the Holiday shopping spirit is to update your profile picture, cover image, or background photos with some festive holiday fare. Websites like fcoverphotos.com or Canva offer plenty of ready made images perfect for small business owners to utilize.

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3) Post Customer Photos

Continuing with the visual trend posting photos is a great way to increase engagement amongst your followers and sharing authentic photos taken by your customers is even better. Offer some guidelines such as asking your followers to post a photo or selfie of them enjoying the Holidays with one of your products and offering a prize, like a gift card, to the person who posts the best photo.

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4) Use Testimonials

On their own testimonials are a great way to improve your marketing. Coupled with social media and they can help boost your marketing efforts by 19-25 percent. To collect video testimonials host a contest offering a gift card or even a cash prize to the customer who makes the best video detailing why they love your products or services. Promote the contest through all your social networks and websites and by the end of the contest you’ll handful of passionate customers preaching the benefits of your products to potential customers. There really isn’t a better marketing tool than that.

5) Promote Flash Sales

Use your social media accounts to promote special sales that will only be valid for a set period of time anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. These sales are particularly popular on Black Friday and serve as a great way to increase customer engagement and make your followers feel like there’s actually a benefit to having your business on their social media feeds.

6) Offer Exclusive Deals Behind a Like-Gated Facebook Page

Like-gating is a practice that allows you to restrict certain content for users who have liked your page. Spread some Holiday cheer by giving your followers an exclusive Holiday discount or access to exclusive prizes. This will not only help increase engagement amongst the people who follow you already, but encourage new potential customers to like your page as well. Don’t stop there however, this is a great way to keep the activity on your page going all year round.

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7) Support a Worthy Cause

More so than any other time of year people’s minds turn to giving during the Holidays and not just to friends, family, or loved ones, charitable giving rises as well. In this respect you can use social media to do good by raising money and awareness for a cause that hits close to home. Not only will you feel good about the good you’re doing, but the goodwill this will create with your customers will build stronger brand loyalty.

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Do you have more ideas to acquire more customers via social media for the Holidays? Leave a comment below!

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