Clothing Exchange Back to School Shopping

    As summer comes to an end, students are looking for their new back-to-school outfits. The excitement of a new year inspires students to get new outfits and accessories for a fresh start.  Check your POS system to see what inventory you currently have to decide what you want to add to your store.  From the beginning of August to the end of September you want to promote your school apparel. This includes outfits, backpacks, shoes and accessories.


For outfits, show off your simple offerings that can be easily layered or mixed and matched. Also, since it is still the end of summer, you want to include more shorts and tops on your display a well as light cardigans or jackets. Focus on the weather that is appropriate in your location.


for girls

Emphasis goes on stylish summer outfits such as shorts, skirts, dresses that are simple that can be easily accessorized.



for boys

Simplicity trumps all. Keep the choices very casual and loose fitting where students are able to participate in sports and stay active in the clothes comfortably. Tees, tanks, shorts are all perfect and easy finds for guys.



Try to stock on backpacks or oversize bags that the girls will enjoy to take to class for their books. Offer different styles and different prints. If you can, have a few solid color and the majority fun colors or patterns that girls will love.  Place these near the cash register or the front of your store so that customers will have a chance to see them as they are shopping.



Lastly, we have shoes!! Most people start the school year with new shoes. For girls and boys, vans are very popular and now there are so many different options. Everyone wears some form of sneaker shoes so try to have converse, vans and sperrys as offerings. Have plain colors to crazy patterns and designs and different styles. Also for girls, flats and boots are popular. For boys its sneakers and running shoes.



Wish all of your customers good luck in their upcoming year!


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Bella Genkina

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