Mercury StoreCard is the Great Find at Exchange Stores

The Mercury StoreCard has great benefits for your Clothing Exchange Shop


Clothing Exchange stores are very popular for great finds without emptying your wallet. With the growth of this business, shops are starting to upgrade their technology to provide an easier experience for customers in hopes that it will make them come back.


The trend of using mobile StoreCard proves that is effective and convenient to both the customers and the owners.


advantages include:

– great way to run a rewards program for your customers

– after each transaction there will be money added to the card, encouraging customers to come take advantage of their extra rewards

– the media integration allows customers to share their purchases through social media and also send gifts from the store to their friends


This mobile app is a perfect addition to incorporate in your stores where customers value the easy payment transactions as well as the ability to navigate gifts through their mobile device.


Stores are quickly beginning to adapt this service because they see an increase in their business through the Mercury exchange card. Do not wait for the competition to beat you to it, instead invest in a Mercury StoreCard now to gain the loyalty of your customers.


Why Choose Mercury?

– Mercury StoreCard already combines your CCS POS where everything is managed automatically

– you can track your most valuable customers and follow on spending trends

– it is easy to use for scanning and quick transactions

– comes with 24 hour customer support service to solve any complaints or hiccups


Bella Genkina

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