Accessorize Your Clothing Exchange Business

It is so easy to change an outfit by using accessories. From strict work attire and adding some fun accessories to go meet up with girlfriends, or by trying to dress up for a special event- accessories can truly be game changers! Customers can find so many ways to accessorize that it is a vital item at clothing exchange stores. Add some sun glasses, a different colored bag, a stand out belt and BAM that’s already a completely new outfit. Here are some basic accessories that every clothing exchange store should have to enhance customer outfits to match their styles and events!


  • Let’s start with our hair pieces

– here are some simple and creative ways to bring attention to your hair and make it an art work. You can easily pick up any of these items: headbands, beads, ties, clips at a clothing exchange store. Once you buy it, it’s time to have fun with it.

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There is no wrong way to rock these accessories, so go ahead and play around with it

  • Another alternative is to rock a hat! Look at how good these hats look with a simple outfit

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  • Have you ever looked at the mirror and realized your outfit is too plain and simple. Sometimes we just need to add a scarf for a casual but dressier look. Choose to make it long, or have it wrapped up around your neck.



Now lets move down and focus on jewelry

When you plan out an outfit think about how you can use earrings, necklaces, bracelets and/or rings to complete an outfit. Jewelry really defines what kind of look you are going for. If you wear pearl earrings and a simple, thin necklace it comes off clean and sophisticated. If you load up on bangles your outfit seems bohemian and relaxed. Let’s take a look fun ways to use jewelry in your outfits.

  • Earrings are simple accessories that go a long way. They add a great touch to your look, even if your hair is down and the ears are not always visible.  Here are some samples of earrings for all different occasions. From formal events, to hanging out with friends, to concerts, parties or a casual look.


Next… necklaces!!

  • Necklaces can be great center pieces that define the outfit, or they can be added as an addition to complete an outfit. The length and heaviness of a necklace matters when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit. Look below for a reference.

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Here is a great guide to help show how to wear different length necklaces with different neckline shirts.  This would be a great poster to have near the necklace rack for customers to learn different ways to wear necklaces.



Let’s move on to bracelets, watches and rings.

  • When you put these together be careful that you do not over do it and that it all goes together to get the style you want.  These three items should be found together or near each other in an exchange store.

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The best part about all of these accessories is that they are a great addition to a clothing exchange stores and with great deals.  Mixing and matching works very well with this department. Since there is so much variety in accessories, the organization is not important to maintain because customers will be able to find what they like on their own.

Bella Genkina

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