5 Step Plan for Black Friday in Your Clothing Exchange Store

1.) Hold an Green Friday event: While 307 million Americans shopped Black Friday last year, there are many of us who just won’t go there. Hold an Green Friday event by distributing Black Friday discounts that can be used for a longer period of time. No lines. No stress.

2.) Social media plan: This time of year many people are on the look out for the best deals. Let them know about your Black Friday deals through social media. It’s free and is the most efficient way to get the message out to your customers.

3.) Hire some help: The weeks leading up to Black Friday is the time where nearly a third of small businesses hire temporary workers. You might want to start reading a couple resumes and get a couple extra hands to help you deal with the holiday rush.

4.) Update your Clothing Exchange Software: Making sure that your clothing exchange point of sale is up to date and ready to handle your inventory along with keep track of your store credit is key in staying organized during this frenzied holiday madness. Do yourself a favor and if you haven’t already, switch to a reliable clothing exchange pos.

5.) Focus on Customer Service: The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. Employees who work directly with customers should have the right attitude, the necessary experience, and the determination to help. Make sure to spread the holiday cheer to your support staff—good help is hard to find.


Happy Holidays!


Sierra Adkins

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