Halloween Costume Trends for 2013

Pre-made halloween costume prices are astronomical and quite frankly so boring. How many witches, pirates, slutty “everything,” and vampires can you possible pack into one holiday. Stand out this year and save a ton of cash by getting your costumes at you local clothing exchange or thrift shop. This mini Halloween series will serve as an inspiration guide to crafting that perfect halloween costume from your local clothing exchange shop creatively and on the cheap.

This year we’ll probably see less people dressed as Psy doing Gangnam Style and I predict many more striped suited Robin Thickes with nude bikini Mileys. Some of the most memorable costumes I’ve seen are ones commenting on popular culture. For example; another trend I’ve seen on the rise, thanks to the rise of the website reddit, are people being turned into entertaining memes for Halloween. Even the ever popular Waldo has become a longstanding pop culture costume. Make a hilarious statement with your unique Halloween costume this year with this clothing exchange Halloween shopping guide.


VMA performance 2013

This years VMA performance launched a million tweets thanks to Miley’s twerking and Robin Thicke’s Beetlejuice suit. Re live the performance on Halloween by using the duo as inspiration.


Twerking Miley Cyrus

Miley’s outfit for the VMA’s was shocking but luckily for you super simple to put together.

You could probably get away with a nude bandeau bra or bralette and matching boy shorts.

Search through the clothing exchange accessories for the microphone, heavy gold necklace and big foam finger.

Finish it off with a ruby red lip and knotted buns at the top of your head.

If you’re not into looking completely naked on Halloween cut up a sweater you can find in the outerwear section that resembles Miley’s cover up and fasten it to an old bathing suit using velcro from a craft shop.

Don’t forget a healthy dose of tongue and tons of twerking


Robin Thicke

The most difficult part of this costume may be the Beetlejuice inspired suit Robin Thicke wore at his VMA performance. But luckily your local clothing exchange shop may be the answer to this.

Check the mens suit section for a vintage black and white striped suit. Don’t worry if its not perfect, with Miley at your side your look will be complete.

Grab all of the accessories in the prop section of your thrift store.

Don’t forget a skinny black tie.

Bad Luck Brian

Grab a plaid sweater vest from the mens or boys section

Put in a little extra effort for the hair and teeth. These are key elements in getting the message across.

Speaking of getting your message across go for bonus points by giving yourself a meme background like this socially awkward penguin.



Ironically, the costume for this hard to find mascot is pretty easy to find at clothing exchange stores.

Grab a red and white top and some thick black glasses

The pair of oxfords lends a vintage feel for this almost 30 year old comicstrip character.

Don’t forget Waldos beanie and cane.

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Leave a comment if you have something you want to add or take a picture of your clothing exchange costumes and share them below!

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