Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Pre-made Halloween costume prices are astronomical and quite frankly so boring. How many witches, pirates, slutty “everything,” and vampires can you possible pack into one holiday. Stand out this year and save a ton of cash by getting your costumes at you local clothing exchange or thrift shop. This mini Halloween series will serve as an inspiration guide to crafting that perfect Halloween costume from your local clothing exchange shop creatively and on the cheap.

All you guys out there a good strategy to go for is topical and funny. I love looking to the tv for inspiration on what guys should wear for Halloween. Here are some simple, yet really unique ideas and how to search for the pieces at your local thrift store.

1.) Donald Draper (Mad Men): While the character Don is constantly dressed to the nines and spends lavishly, you’ll be able to put this together for about $20.

What you’ll need:

  • A dark suit that fits you. If the leg is a little long grab some Heat n Bond Iron-on Adhesive from your local craft store for an easy hem.
  • A retro tie
  • a crisp white shirt
  • black shiny shoes

Accessorize with an old fashioned in hand and a mad men swagger.

2.) Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad): Say farewell to Breaking Bad the right way by celebrating your favorite meth dealers on Halloween.

What you’ll need

  • While it might be difficult to find a yellow hazmat suit, you can easily substitute a yellow windbreaker set.
  • A gas mask. For some reason, finding a gas mask at a thrift shop isn’t as hard as you would think.
  • Rubber kitchen gloves
  • Beer
  • a pair of reading glasses

3.) The Most Interesting Man In the World (Dos XX commercials): This will definitely get you some cool points at your Halloween party. But I don’t think you’ll care much. Take it a step further and turn yourself into a meme

What you’ll need

  • A smoking suit jacket. Check the older mens suits, you can afford to go a little bit broader and slightly bigger.
  • A watch, doesn’t need to be functioning. The jewelry cases should have a silver mens watch.
  • Facial hair… either grow it out or stick it on
  • Dos XX (do not drink anything else)
  • a cigar

4.) The Dude (The Big Lebowski): This might just be the easiest one to source.

What you’ll need

  • A used robe in a neutral color
  • Some plaid shorts
  • a white tee
  • some slippers

Leave a comment if you have something you want to add or take a picture of your clothing exchange costumes and share them below!

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Sierra Adkins

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