Halloween Costume Ideas for Men 2014

No one really, and even more so no one definitely wants to see another witch, vampire, cheap looking cardboard Iron Man, or a Scream mask around the neighborhood or at their annual Halloween party. Luckily for you there is a… Continue Reading

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women 2014

Halloween Costumes Canva Graphic 2

Piecing together your costume at your local exchange or thrift shop is a fantastic way to make sure you’re the one with the costume everyone is talking about come November 1st. This is the second part of a three part… Continue Reading

Halloween Costume Trends for 2014

Halloween Costumes Canva Graphic 2

In recent years pre-made or packaged Halloween costumes have become increasingly generic, lower quality, overplayed, and downright expensive. Who wants to spend anywhere from $75-300 for a costume that will be played out and will just have to be replaced… Continue Reading

Clothing Exchange Back to School Shopping

    As summer comes to an end, students are looking for their new back-to-school outfits. The excitement of a new year inspires students to get new outfits and accessories for a fresh start.  Check your POS system to see what… Continue Reading

Accessorize Your Clothing Exchange Business

It is so easy to change an outfit by using accessories. From strict work attire and adding some fun accessories to go meet up with girlfriends, or by trying to dress up for a special event- accessories can truly be… Continue Reading

Instagram: A Millennials’ Story About Clothing Exchange and Growing Your Business

Two weeks ago I went to my favorite clothing exchange shop conveniently located two blocks down from my house. Until then I probably frequented this place once a season. This particular time I was on a treasure hunt for a… Continue Reading