Clothing Exchange Store Finds for Music Festival Season

Summertime is a beautiful season where everyone comes out to play and go on vacation. For me and many other music lovers, summertime is also known as festival season. That’s right, this time of year is when all the big… Continue Reading

Are Your Exchange Personnel Choosing the Right Styles this Summer?

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Five Fashion Fundamentals Your Clothing Exchange Store Should Look for This Season when Stocking Women’s at your Store.   It’s always good to have the basics down cold when finding inventory for your shop. The Clothing Exchange game can be… Continue Reading

Fun Marketing Idea for Clothing Exchange Store!

Here is a great and fun idea to market your second hand store. It can really increase your online and social media presence and awareness. Which, let’s face it, is where a lot of marketing dollars go these days. Plus… Continue Reading

Clothing Exchange Stores Vs Regular Clothing Retail Store

5 Advantages to Opening Your Own Clothing Exchange Store More people are on a budget mixed with the increase in demand for vintage fashions. Opening a second hand store is cheaper than a traditional clothing store because the business model… Continue Reading

Are You Maximizing Profits With These Pricing Principals For Your Clothing Exchange Stores?

If you work in clothing retail there are many facets you are familiar with in the buying and selling of clothes. There are budgets, displays, pricing and return policies. In the world of clothing exchange retail these aspects can get… Continue Reading